Jitsi Meet (Not on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier)

This evening was very sad for me. I’ve been using an authenticated Jitsi Meet service running on cloud hosted virtual machines. I have had success running with a few users on a Nanode available from Linode.com , but decided to reduce costs by moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and using a VM in the Free Tier. Things looked OK to begin with but once a the meeting had been running for about 10 minutes all participants were repeatedly thrown out and had to reconnect. There appears to be some throttling going on and although top reported free resources, even after the meeting the ssh session kept freezing, and eventually I gave up waiting for the terminal to respond and terminated the instance.

I am now a Zoom.us Pro subscriber; simply because it is cheaper than getting a suitable performance cloud server to run the free Jitsi Meet within.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure seems to be keeping this WordPress site running on Ubuntu 20.04 OK, but I don’t think I can realistically use free Free Tier for anything else; it is just a bit too good to be true!

I highly recommend the https://meet.jit.si public non authenticated service for casual meetings, where host moderation is not required. It may also be worth the cost of high powered hosted servers for organisations needing a meeting server for frequent use. Jitst Meet has many advantages over Zoom.us and is still my first choice in many circumstances.