Macintosh Rescue Network

Macintosh Rescue is a network comprising of things in my home including machines not available outside the internal network like my internal services, devices and servers. This site is hosted externally through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and is one of the few external resources of the network. The Macintosh Rescue network runs internal services that help me to service, repair and recycle mainly Macintosh computers, manage my vintage Macintosh computers with Mac OS X Server (Workgroup Manager), and optimise internet usage and speed with content caching.

There are three internal servers: one Mac mini Server (2012), Mac mini (M1) and an HPE Proliant Microserver. Previously all hardware and server software was from Apple, however in recent years Apple have abandoned most server software and advised server administrators to directly manage open source services. Apple recommended the use of alternative server software and much of those alternatives are for use on Linux.

Things in the Macintosh Rescue Network

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