Getting Started with WordPress!

Here I find myself in the totally alien world of the modern web. My intension is to create a useful log of stuff I learn for my own reference, and available to all who may benefit from my experience and save some of their time.

As the domain suggests I am enthusiastic about Macintosh® computers and saving them from landfill. This ties into my care for the environment in general that supports life and my wish to save resources and reduce carbon emissions. I am enthusiastic about cleverly using software to make computers useful and not just limited to Apple badged stuff although I like the build quality and longevity of Apple computers in general. This site lives on Debian GNU/Linux and I am enthusiastic about lots of open source software and the thriving communities around it.

I am passionate about living in a gentle and sustainable manner and will be sharing lifestyle ideas and philosophy that I live by from my diet to DIY. I will do all I can avoid the exploitation of sentient life whilst living my life consciously.

Let’s see what I end up adding to my web presence, and it is my wish that it can save others time, and inspire!