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  • Goodbye Mac OS 9

    On Monday, May 6, 2002 Steve Jobs said farewell to a dear friend of the Macintosh world: Mac OS 9. Today Saturday, April 1, 2023 Macintosh Rescue does the same, but the legacy will live on. Up until now I have proudly hosted a network that supports present day Mac’s and all the way back […]

  • Apple & Andrew: State Of The Union

    It’s coming up for WWDC 2022 and Tim Cook has “exciting things” including the State Of The Union. Here is the state of my Union with Apple: I deeply regret the decision I made that brought me into the world of computing as an Apple user. Many years ago I purchased a discounted iMac G5 […]

  • Jitsi Meet (Not on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier)

    This evening was very sad for me. I’ve been using an authenticated Jitsi Meet service running on cloud hosted virtual machines. I have had success running with a few users on a Nanode available from , but decided to reduce costs by moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and using a VM in the Free […]

  • The End of macOS Server (from Monterey)

    Another announcement has been made by Apple positively entitled “the future of macOS Server”; which of course is Apple speak for “destroying macOS Server”. As of April 21, 2022, Apple has discontinued macOS Server. Although existing customers can still keep running the final version (5.12.2), but this will not work beyond macOS Monterey. This means […]

  • The Demise of Parallels Desktop for Mac

    There was once a product that allowed a Mac to run a massive variety of x86 and x86-64 operating systems harmlessly; It was called Parallels Desktop. Over the years Parallels enhanced the functionality of their product with the subscription only Parallels Desktop Pro which introduced powerful (although incomplete) command line tools, and the ability to […]

  • Another Basic Qualification (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

    Not much to shout about. Simply having little money prevents me from studying at the level I want to. At least I’m sort of qualified to operate my home server which took a lot more setting up with Red Hat Enterprise Linux than that course could prepare a user for.

  • Apple made me PC

    I’ve been using exclusively Macintosh computers for many years and have almost forgotten what a PC is. Mac’s are a form of Personal Computer (PC) but are rarely referred to in that way. It all started with macOS Server which was not and still isn’t a particularly reliable product. I persisted with macOS Server because […]

  • My First Linux Qualification

    After a very long interest in GNU/Linux systems and their applications in the world around me it was about time that I actually started to document my knowledge. I took advantage of edX in the world of lockdowns to do just that. I am suffering severe learning difficulties at this time so even with my […]

  • Giving Up dpkg (sort off)

    I’m blogging again having decided that I need a more up-to-date version of WordPress that will play nice with plugin installations, and hopefully work nicely with the iOS and iPadOS apps. I liked the idea and the simplicity of the Debian pre-packaged WordPress distribution and I may even recommend it to many users. Being an […]

  • Now That’s More Like It!

    I like this theme and will probably customise it a bit, but at least now I don’t think my site looks hideous. My priority will be getting information onto the site and I’ll do the decoration work latter. Now I should really go to bed, Good night!