WordPress Frustration

My site looks hideous!

I’ve tried manually adding css code using the built-in editor and things seem to go as expected until the whole thing self destructs!

I decided to manually edit code to avoid installing another theme to maintain but it now appears that I may have misjudged the situation; WordPress does not work like an enhanced HTML plus CSS website and is actually intended as a content management system. I now have a severe headache and longing for the days of simply writing markup in vim then rsync ‘ing the files to the web server. I have decided though that I will persevere with WordPress and try and gain skills working with the modern web.

I have a lot to learn and a lot of old habits to break.

I will enjoy writing museum.macintosh-rescue.net from code specifically for compatibility with Netscape Navigator (often part of the Communicator suite). I might even develop that site with Simple Text as a nice relaxation into the beautiful simplicity of computing in the previous millennia.